With this snack you should never drink an alcohol

Researchers have found out that it is necessary to know to all, that the merry party has ended on a good note. Perhaps the list of prohibited products for jamming and drinking alcohol will shock you, because most of them are for us a familiar snack. So, remember that the holiday would end without consequences, do not seize alcohol marinades. Marinated vegetables, mixed with alcohol, badly affect the health of your liver, because they contain a huge amount of vinegar. If you really wanted to have a hot drink with something salty, then it is better to grab a cucumber or sauerkraut. Next, let’s talk about carbonated drinks. As everyone knows, in water with gases there is carbon dioxide that can irritate the mucous membrane of our stomach, thereby leading to a rapid intoxication. Well, finally, everyone’s favorite sweets. They cannot be consumed with alcohol in any case… (read more)