Who is the most beautiful girl in the world?

Already very soon, an annual beauty contest will begin, with the help of which to determine the name of the most beautiful female representative. But there is a question: “How much are all such contests objective?”. We will try to answer this question. There are about 4 billion women in the world and it is difficult to determine who is the most beautiful of them. Let’s look at the results of the world beauty contest of the universe of recent years. Pia Wurtzbach, the 28-year-old Philippine model took first place in 2017. Model Paulina Vega in its 25 years struck everyone with its beauty in 2016. In addition, of course Venezuelan model Maria Gabriela Isler, who climbed to the top of the competition in 2015. In addition to beauty contests, ratings of beauties are well-known magazines. For example, just in several magazines you can see the following girls. They Ji Ah, better known under the pseudonym Nana, a singer from South Korea, who is in parallel building a modeling career. Lisa Soberano, a well-known actress abroad, surprised with her beauty, starring in films and serials… (read more)