Which Hand Is The Best For Bracelet?

Bracelet & Clothing

A certain style of clothing and its cut should be combined with hand decorations. For example, a dress or a blouse with a flat shoulder requires wearing the bracelet on his arm with bared shoulders to balance the image. Especially that the bracelet can be worn on the arm in its upper part – above the elbow.

Note! Brooch attached to clothing, must be on the opposite side of the bracelet.

Photos and reports fashion shows convince us that the bracelets can be worn on the right or left hand, and both at the same time despite any unwritten rules. The main condition is the combination of clothing and jewelry. In order not to be considered a person with no taste, it is necessary to understand that a large number of bracelets fit rather in oriental style clothes, and for the harmonious combination into a whole large bracelets with dress, dress should be more elegant.