Which Hand Is The Best For Bracelet?

It is worth knowing that the left hemisphere of our brain is responsible for logic, analysis, controls the ability of speech, writing, memorizing facts, dates, names. The right hemisphere is responsible for emotions, intuition, spatial orientation.

The logic clock is right for the right hand, when the left hemisphere will intensify the ability to remember dates and facts. In this case, the bracelet is appropriate to wear on the left.

Do not forget that the left side of the body, including the hand, is controlled by the right hemisphere, while the right side – the left hemisphere. Therefore, wearing a bracelet on his left hand will stimulate your intuition, imagination, will have to be creative. And if you wear a bracelet on the right arm, then your logic and analytical skills will rise to a higher level.

In addition, the right hand is more active and is always on the mind. On the right hand we hold a handbag, clutch bag or an umbrella, model and color that for even more charm combined with good color and model bracelet. We should not forget about the prints (colors and pictures) on clothes.

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