What does the wife of the richest man in the world – the head of Amazon

American businessman Jeff Bezos is proud not only of his company Amazon.com, but also of his wife McKenzie, with whom they have been living for 24 years. They met in 1993, when they worked in one of the investment firms. Jeff was vice president, and McKenzie was an analyst. Their offices were nearby, so she quickly fell in love with a colleague. It was she who took the initiative and invited Jeff to dinner. Three months later, he proposed to her, and after six months – they played a wedding. McKenzie was the first to learn about Jeff’s intention to create his company. In 1994, the couple retired and moved to Seattle, setting up Amazon. McKenzie became his accountant and first employee. To date, the company’s net profit is 2.3 billion a year, and the state of the Bezos family is over $ 100 billion. McKenzie has always been a support for her husband and devoted much time to their new company. However, few people know that her greatest passion is literature. She was fond of writing since early childhood. “I was a shy child and often shut up in my room, writing all sorts of stories,” notes McKenzie. She wrote her first book by hand at the age of six. The manuscript consisted of 142 pages.