Vysotsky’s mistress was even appreciated by his wife

On January 25, 2018, singer Vladimir Vysotsky would have turned 80 years old. Many songs and books have already been written about the legendary person, but only one fact from his life everyone tries not to say. Vladimir was popular with women, some of them even offered him hands and hearts. But he was loyal to one and only beloved Tatiana Ivanenko, he had beaten off her ex-husband. But she was not his wife, on the contrary, she was a mistress. Vysotsky’s wife, Lyudmila Abramova, knew about these relations and even noted that her mistress influenced him very well. Ivanenko can return Vysotsky from the drinking-bout for a couple of minutes and during the talk-out to do anything stupid. But the relationship between Tatyana and Vladimir never reached marriage… (read more)