Top-5 of the loudest criminal cases

In 1927, the luggage storage staff at one of the London railway stations felt a strong unpleasant smell from one of the suitcases that had been there for several days … Seven years later, in Brighton, the suitcases again hit the headlines. Hitler and the Nuremberg process. On November 20, 1945, the loudest trial in world history began in Nuremberg. The highest state and military leaders of the Third Reich were brought before the court.Big train robbery. In August 1963, a railroad robbery was committed on the Glasgow-London route. The post express, carrying 128 bags of worn-out pounds to be destroyed, was stopped in an open field and … robbed without a shot being fired. The Killing of John F. Kennedy. November 22, 1963 in Dallas there was a tragedy that shook the whole world. There are several versions of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and each of them is convincing in its own way. Is it possible to solve one of the greatest secrets of the twentieth century?