The Wonders of Jerusalem: Mamvri Oak!

Pilgrims believe – while the oak is green, until then there is humanity. The tree began to wither in the 90s, when the headlines of the Mass media shocked the news about the future “end of the world” in 2000. All the believers froze in anticipation. And although both 2000 and 2012 we have survived, the Christians of the whole Earth are not satisfied: why did the oak suddenly begin to dry up, and is the ancient prophecy fulfilled? The Mamvri oak tree is more than 5000 years old. Now it grows on the territory of the man’s monastery in Hebron, in the Palestinian autonomy. Despite the dry and hot climate, monks are constantly engaged in gardening. To prevent the plants from drying out, they invented a special system of drip irrigation, but it didn’t save the old oak. The last green leaf on it was seen in 1996. Check out our unique collection of photos!