The original design of the children’s room.

Sooner or later, parents think about the organization of space for their children. If your children are almost the same age, the difference between them does not exceed 4-6 years, and one sex, then you can devote them one room for two. You can make separate places in the children’s room for games, recreation, and training, because, the boys will play together. If children of different sexes should take two rooms, and after not having such, one can simply delimit the space. If children are small and do not go to school, it is best to allocate most of the room for games. The room does not need to be filled with lots of furniture, because there will be less space for games, and children can hit sharp corners. The bed should occupy the minimum space since it is only needed for several hours during sleep. The optimal result will be a two-story bed. Thus, you will save a lot of space. We look at the ideas of the most original children’s bedrooms… (Read more)