The most talented crook

Victor Lustig (1890-1947) – the man who sold the Eiffel Tower Lustig is considered one of the most talented scammers who ever lived in the world. He endlessly invented scams, had 45 pseudonyms and was fluent in five languages. Only in the United States, Lusztig was arrested 50 times, but, for lack of evidence, he was released every time. Prior to the outbreak of World War I, Lustig specialized in organizing fraudulent lotteries on transatlantic cruises. In the 1920s, he moved to the United States, and in just a couple of years, he deceived banks and individuals for tens of thousands of dollars.The most ambitious scam Lusztig was selling the Eiffel Tower. In May 1925, Lustig arrived in Paris in search of adventure. In one of the French newspapers, Lustig read that the famous tower was rather dilapidated and in need of repair. Lustig decided to take advantage of this. The fraudster made a fake credentials, in which he called himself the deputy head of the Ministry of Post and Telegraph, after which he sent official letters to six dealers of the second. Lustig invited businessmen… (read more)