The most luxurious cars of 2017

If we calculate, there are more than a billion car owners all over the world. Following the logic, cars are about the same. There are many types of cars: cars, trucks, sports and minibuses. All of them differ in the price category and in the quality of the assembly. We present to your attention the list of the most expensive cars of 2017! The most “cheap” model in our list is Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Inside this unit, there is a luxury salon, also the cost increases due to manual assembly. Such a beauty will cost you $ 500,000. No less popular and even vice versa Lambogini Murcielago LP640-4. Under the hood of its hood, 700 horsepower are located, and its maximum speed reaches 350 km / h. Such a powerful car will get you for 550 000 dollars. Another auto-miracle can undoubtedly be called Ferrari SA Aperta, with the same number of forces under the hood, as with the previous car. In addition, its speed will make even the extreme person goose bumps… (read more)


Картинки по запросу Ferrari SA Aperta