The failed attempt to set a world record

In the distant 1986 at the festival Balloonfest ’86 in Cleveland it was planned to set a world record for the simultaneous launch of balloons into the sky. The show was attended by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, which monitored the fulfillment of the conditions of the record. The organizers spent $ 500,000 to launch 1, 5 million balls. The balls were held under the net, and after the bell started, the grid was cut and a multicolored cloud flew into the sky. However, due to bad weather, wind and rain, not all 1.5 million balls went up simultaneously and the record broke. In addition, the balls began to fall down and panic in the city, several accidents happened, two fishermen drowned on the lake, and even the movement of the aircraft was suspended. In the following months, the organizer had to pay multimillion losses to the injured citizens. See the photo of this failed experiment! No one ever repeated that!