The best work on the planet!

We present to your attention the unique story of a girl from Australia, Amor Sorelle, about how she won the competition for the most desired work in the world. She watched on TV as other people travel, stop at luxury hotels and do not pay anything for it, but on the contrary, they even get a decent salary. Amor shared her desire with her brother, and he said that he saw such an announcement on the website for travelers. They immediately found this page, but the main condition for the selection was to have 100,000 subscribers to Instagram. This fact puzzled Amor, but she did not give up. It was at this point that the girl was changing her country of residence and moved to Iceland. Seeing the wonderful landscapes of this country, the girl began to share photos with her subscribers and did not fail. For a short period of time, the number of its subscribers even exceeded the number of people needed for the competition. We look at the photo of the lucky girl, who still found this work!… (Read more)



Картинки по запросу Амор Сорелле