The best colors for the 2019

It’s all in the details

The beauty of New Year’s Eve in the refinement and sophistication. Rooster need to feel the glamor and chic. So, we will have to work hard to earn his favor. Different parts of the dress (sleeves, neck, bodice) are permissible and desirable ornamented with sequins, beads or sequins. It will look very original with embroidery saturated colors.

With the dress perfectly will blend in the form of a brooch Pied cock. It is desirable to give preference decorations made of natural stones, pearls and gold. The New Year can be improved by the image of diamonds. Jewelry advantageous to emphasize the splendor of your attire.

Do not ignore the advice from professionals in the fashion world, but also to follow their style. Rooster is a bird home and loves comfort, therefore, important that you feel comfortable in the chosen dress.