The best colors for the 2019

And what happens the fashion world?

It is difficult to imagine the festival, which will bring together the ladies only in red outfits. After all, this color is able to outshine the style of dress. This implies that embodiments should be considered as different shades of the primary colors. By the way, this season designers, deciding what color should be New Year’s dress, are not stingy on the bright colors. The rooster will not mind if you do not give preference to a bright red, and, suppose, orange or white. However, if you are still stopped at the red dress, does not burden the image of a large number of accessories, because this outfit is very bright and completely self-sufficient.

The fashion world offers us in the New Year’s Eve dress in sparkling and shimmering fabrics such as silk, satin, brocade or satin. Dresses of velvet are also an excellent choice. If we talk about the cut, then the best option would be light and delicate garments.

Fur capes are now at the peak of popularity. Making a choice in favor of such a supplement for your attire, you will not only look extravagant, but also to attract many enthusiastic views. If you do not want to attract too much attention, it is possible to bring to outfit a small piece of fur, for example, a fur pompom as a bracelet.