The best colors for the 2019

Ah, this colorful rooster tail!

The Chinese calendar tells us that the owner of 2019 – Red Fire Rooster – is a highly-valued animal. Here it is serene and quiet, and in another moment – fearless and reckless. Choosing dress for the most important night of the year – almost the main task in the to-do list. The symbol of the coming 2017 has a weakness for bright expensive things that of course have to be stylish. considering that 2019 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster, it is logical that the red colors in priority. In other words, the favorite is the red in 2019, as well as derivatives of colors: burgundy, cherry, etc.
However, to be clear, just look at the cock’s tail coloring – all these colors and shades, and are relevant. It is not just red, but blue, and green, and brown, and black.