Six Reasons Why You Should Use Essential Oil

Exposure of the skin

Of course, essential oils have a positive effect on the skin. Their spectrum of activity is great, therefore, you can pick up the necessary oil for all skin types to cleanse, rejuvenate, smooth and rid it of acne and any other inflammations. Due to the impact on the sebaceous glands, essential oils can dry too fat, or vice versa, to nourish and moisturize dry skin, wrinkles, remove redness and improve skin tone as a whole:

  • acacia oil, verbena, clove, geranium tone and rejuvenate the skin;
  • jasmine and rosewood care for dry skin;
  • Lemongrass reduces pores and is ideal for oily and combination skin;
  • Almond cleanses the skin from age spots and freckles;
  • marigold, hyssop, lemon and cypress remove warts on the skin cracks and calluses;