Six Reasons Why You Should Use Essential Oil

The soothing and toning

Each essential oil has a more or less pronounced set of useful features and special qualities. Currently, essential oils have found application in cosmetology and various fields of medicine, due to the fact that almost all of them have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and healing properties have a positive effect on the nervous system, beneficial for the skin and hair.

Many have a calming effect

Different oils have a calming or, conversely, a tonic effect, help or get rid of insomnia, or cheer up after a busy day:

  • rose essential oil relieves the feeling of tiredness;
  • anise, lemon balm, and rosemary are struggling with stress and depression;
  • fir and peppermint restores strength after fatigue;
  • sandalwood and chamomile soothe and eliminate insomnia;
  • tea tree stimulates mental activity;
  • Petitgrain improves memory;
  • Eucalyptus and restores emotional balance.

Most of the essential oils facilitates the pain; they can be added to the bath, used in massages or rubbing, and sometimes the pain goes away, even if just inhaled aromas. A few drops of oil necessary, added to take a bath, will help not only to relax and get rid of unnecessary thoughts, but will also positively affect the skin and body.