She melts in front of eyes: Cindy Crawford’s daughter suspected of anorexia

Young Kaya Gerber began the career of the model as early as 14 years old – the girl from time to time was shot for advertising and fashion magazines. But the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford started to work in a tight schedule only now. Kaye is 16 years old, and from that time she can participate in the shows and defile on the podium. Recently, the girl debuted at once on three weeks of fashion, which passed one after another – in New York, Milan and Paris. The most famous fashion houses overwhelmed Crawford’s daughter with work – she participated in the shows of Calvin Klein, Chanel, Versace, Saint Laurent and dozens of others. Everyone already predicts a young model of a great future, just as brilliant as her mother’s. Only the last photos of the girl cause alarm: on them Kaya looks so thin that many admirers of a young star suspected anorexia.