Sandra Bullock Is Ready For New Marriage

In twenty years, Sandra Bullock married actor Jean-Michel Vincent. Their marriage did not last long. On the set of the film “Love Potion number 9” in 1991, the actress met with Tate Donovan, which lived for 4 years.

During the filming of “The Destroyer” Sandra began a romance with actor Dennis Leary, but it lasted not long. In 1997, Bullock had a relationship with Chris O’Donnell, which she soon dropped. Two and a half years lasted Sandra’s relationship with Matthew McConaughey. Together they purchased a plot of land in Texas and about to start a family, but soon broke up. In 1999, Bullock had a short romance with musician Guy Forsythe. On the set of the movie “Murder by Numbers” Sandra Bullock had an affair with actor Ryan Gosling, who at that time was 22 years old. In 2004, Sandra married a leading television show “Monster Garage” Jesse James. In early 2010, they adopted a boy Louis Bardo. In June of the same year, the couple divorced, the cause of which was the betrayal of Jesse.

In 2005, Bullock married TV presenter and producer of motorcycles Jesse James. In January 2010, the couple adopted a boy Louis Bardo. After receiving the “Oscar” in March 2010 in the press leaked rumors of infidelity of Jesse, which he later confirmed. In April 2010, Sandra filed for divorce, a process which was officially completed in June 2010. At the same moment, Sandra filed a petition for self-education adopted son Louis.

In December 2015 it was announced that Sandra has adopted a second child – daughter Lila. Recently, Sandra Bullock is rarely seen on the pages of magazines devoted to the life of the stars – the actress enjoys a quiet happiness that is found in the company a year ago, photographer Brian Randall. The pair did not make any loud statements and generally tries to once again not to remind themselves. But the other day about the 52-year-old star and her lover again talking.

A source close to the actress, shared with the American television channel E! the details of the life of Sandra and Randall: “They are enjoying the last days of summer and the holidays, until the children went to school. When classes begin, they will have to spend more time in Los Angeles. The couple was recently spotted together at an amusement park Universal Studios in Hollywood. Loving couple having fun on the rides in the company of children, Sandra – a four-year and six-year old Laila James. “Sandra and Brian – real partners, one team. Those who have long been familiar with it, have never seen her so happy. Moreover, recently, Sandra even admitted that she might not mind once again to get married, “- says the source.

Previous marriage was a very traumatic experience for the actress: ex-husband Jesse James cheated on her husband with a lover in pursuit of a fee for a sensational recognition of this fact betrayed the general public. Oscar-winning actress took a few years to learn to trust men again.

That is why when her life came Brian Randall, the star has not made even a single statement about the status of their relationship. However, for the actress is willing to make her friends. “Sandra and Brian in the euphoria – are divided in the near surroundings. – She finally found it such a partnership, which had long dreamed of.

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