Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II played a trick on American tourists

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain – in addition to the wisdom and experience gained over the years, also has a purely English sense of humor. Therefore, for example, in her free time from the monarch duties, Her Majesty passionately loves to walk around the Balmoral castle and from time to time to chat with tourists. I must say that Elizabeth dresses properly – no tiars or expensive dresses, modesty and simplicity, so it’s rather difficult to recognize the crowned person in a cute old woman, because many are accustomed to the image of the Queen in some classic suit of juicy pastel color and necessarily with a hat on her head in tone.
This Elizabeth enjoys, having fun at leisure. Particular sympathy of the Queen is the Americans – they are naive, it seems for her it’s does not make much effort to circle them around the finger. Somehow, another bunch of curious tourists from the US, met the queen in the palace and, of course, did not recognize. After chatting about where the elderly lady lives, about the castle and about the species around, the tourists asked if the lovely grandmother had ever met the Queen there, to which Elizabeth, keeping her proper face, nodded at the accompanying officer: “I’m not, but he saw”. Look at the picture of the joker queen.