Popular dishes that appeared by mistake

Most of the recipes of our favorite dishes are thought up by chance or by mistake. Nevertheless, they were so delicious that the whole world knows about them. Let’s start with the salad “Caesar”, which is known in every corner of the world. Despite the fact that the recipe for salad is unchanged from the moment of its existence, it does not cease to be in demand. However, few people know that the name of a salad has absolutely nothing to do with the same commander. Salad was named after its cook-maker Caesar Cardini. The next dish turned out quite by accident – the cake “Kievsky”. Let me tell you how it happened. In the 50s at the confectionery in Kiev, the cooks forgot to remove the egg white for baking after work. Coming to work in the morning and realizing that you do not use any spoiled protein for any baking, the confectioners had to invent where to adapt it. This is how the first cake “Kievsky” was born. In addition, we will tell you about a meat dish – beef stroganoff. As early as the 19th century, wealthy residents hosted dinners for poor citizens in their homes. Here among all stood out Count Alexander Stroganov, who was a military general… (read more)