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In Australia, previously non-aggressive marine fleas almost ate alive teenager

A couple of days ago, a bloody incident happened on one of the popular Melbourne beaches of Brighton Beach. After the football match, the local teenager decided to plunge into the bay near the above-mentioned beach. After 30 minutes, he left the water and found that his feet literally eat some small marine creatures. They bitten into the skin and left wounds, the blood of which the teenager’s father could…


In the sky over Texas noticed two suns

However, experts noted that in this case the second luminary most likely arose because of atmospheric phenomena. The object captured in the video is not a planet or a star. Other experts believe that the video can see the optical effect caused by a defect in the equipment to which the shooting was conducted.     VIEW PHOTOS (7)    


Ten important rules in case you see a UFO

It is easy to understand the laughter and skepticism of those people who have never been fortunate enough to meet with a UFO. After all, if their existence is still in doubt, who will prove that they exist? However, the reality of his existence can be understood only by someone who saw something completely unreal in the sky above him. A mysterious creature slowly sinking into the mud was photographed…