• Megan Markle and Prince Harry will have twins
  • Victoria Lopyreva congratulated with pregnancy
  • Ilya Yabbarov, the star of “Dom-2”, will have one more child
  • David and Victoria Beckham are waiting for the fifth child
  • Shia Laabaf divorced Mia Got and has already found a new girlfriend

The oldest American Indian

About the White Wolf, also known as Chief John Smith, is said to have lived in three centuries. According to some sources, the Indian – Chippewa was born in 1785, and died in 1922. When Smith was asked about the secret of his longevity, he replied that he had never flown by United Airlines.   VIEW PHOTOS (8)    


The Chinese couple bought a whole street in San Francisco with 38 houses for only $ 90,000

Let’s enjoy Tina Lam and Michael Cheng – they bought one of the prestigious streets of San Francisco, USA with 38 mansions. Now they own roads, sidewalks, several institutions, and even trees of the district! They bought the street without even looking at it: it was auctioned in connection with tax debt for a ridiculous price – $ 90,000… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (8)


In space, unexpected things have been discovered in which is hard to believe

Despite the active study and development, space is still full of mysteries for humanity. Only very recently, gravitational waves were considered only a theory, and today their existence has already been scientifically proven. Who knows what secrets are hidden in these dark depths of the Universe. Nevertheless, even among the things that scientists have already discovered are full of extremely surprising things, the existence of which is hard to believe….