• Megan Markle and Prince Harry will have twins
  • Victoria Lopyreva congratulated with pregnancy
  • Ilya Yabbarov, the star of “Dom-2”, will have one more child
  • David and Victoria Beckham are waiting for the fifth child
  • Shia Laabaf divorced Mia Got and has already found a new girlfriend

Disgrace of Helen Mirrenon the red carpet

British actress Helen Mirrenfell on the hipon the red carpet in Cannes before the premiere of the movie Stranger. Climbing the steps of the Festival Palace in Cannes, Helen Mirren was entangled in the hem of a long lace dress and fell on her hip. The incident occurred before the premiere of the Belgian movie Stranger… (read more) VIEW PHOTOS (10)


The ideal of a female body is found

Texas scientists for several years have been searching for the ideal female figure. Recently they managed to establish that Kelly Brook is fully consistent with such parameters. Figures of the beautiful half of the human race were estimated by height, weight, length of hair and face shape. It is noteworthy that the British model has never done plastic surgery… (read more)   VIEW PHOTOS (9)  


Maxim Averin about life in Japan

In late March, the famous Russian actor Maxim Averin left for Japan. Since then, he regularly publishes photos and videos from the holidays. Pictures from the streets of Tokyo, Osaka and many other Japanese cities demonstrate the daily life of the Japanese. As can be seen from the photos and cheerful comments of the actor, he is delighted with the Land of the Rising Sun… (read more)   VIEW PHOTOS…