Natasha Koroleva told about the divorce with Tarzan

After the appearance in the social network of an intriguing video speech by Sergey Glushko, Natasha was showered with questions by fans. As it turned out, known to many under his pseudonym Tarzan distinguished himself by overly defiant behavior during a concert in Volgodonsk. According to many viewers, the artist very believably simulated sexual intercourse with the spectator. “On the Internet, a lot of everything about our family, as a rule, illegal! My husband is a hobby striptease artist,” the celebrity announced. In addition, the celebrity decided once again to remind the web users that for many years already she has been married to Sergei Glushko. “My husband and I are 17 years together. Believe me, I have not reacted to anything for a long time!” – said in one of her interviews Natasha Koroleva… (read more)