Minimalism in interior. Tips and hints

Characteristic style

Minimalism is characterized by extreme simplicity. In such rooms no extra parts exist, and the elegance of the interior can be made by monotonous color play of the light, or any unique feature. As an option, a huge vase with a flower in the middle of a room or a vivid picture on a flat surface of one wall would be nice work. Another highlight of minimalism is contrasts. White with black, concrete and natural stone, cotton and organza.

The entire geometry of the space is to create an unpretentious and perfect shapes: circle, rectangle or square. Smooth curves and spirals are not allowed in this style. On the facades of furniture should be minimum of jewelry, for example, the absence of handles.

Due to the fact that the number of objects in the room is limited, the subject is to have special requirements as regards functionality. In the context of a minimalist interior, furniture should combine many features for ease of use. The bed can be stored things and the armrests of the sofa used as a stand for a coffee or tea.

In any interior, minimalist must preach the freedom and comfort.