Main Handbag Trends For 2019

Models of handbags (Tote)

Tote Bag appeared in England in the XVII century, however, then it was an ordinary canvas bag with the strap over his shoulder and without zippers, “tote” means “to carry.” However, the name “Tote bag” was used only in the XX century, and now it means a comfortable and roomy bag shut with Velcro or a button, with an open top and comfortable harness. The classic version of tote bag is the handbags with rectangular shape and with handles of medium length.

Today stylists prefer to use classics differently, and the rectangular shape bags is increasingly replaced by the trapezius, handle length and the size also varies depending on the intent of the author. In addition to the traditional medium size you can find immense Tote bags, the choice depends on your own taste and style. The largest number of Tote bags was presented by the famous fashion house Chanel, as an example, you can bring the bag from the collection 2009, such as Veau Ver Large Tote, also would like to mention the models of handbags from Prada ( Saffiano Lux Open Tote Bag and Tote Bag Salvatore Ferragamo).