Lamination Of Eyelashes. How To Provide It?

They promise that the effect will be kept for a long time, and gradually disappear. So do not be afraid to wake up in the morning with fallen thin eyelashes. However, this procedure is not as simple as it may, perhaps, seem at first glance. For this reason, it is better to do in the cabin, where there is a trained master. The only drawback is the high cost of the procedure, so it can not be available to many. Session price is much higher than, for example, eyelash, so if you do not have the financial ability to go to a salon to lamination cilia, capacity will be the best option.

Beauty salon at home

If lamination eyelashes using special preparations for you is unacceptable, due to allergic reactions, or for some other reason, you can use gelatin. It should be noted that the use of gelatin – a budget option, not requiring special investments. This is a great way to lamination eyelashes at home. Of course, the result will not be as long as the procedure made in the cabin, however, the gelatin will take care of the cilia is not worse. It also has properties that allow to strengthen the hair and protect it from external threats. Recipe for mass lamination simple. You will need to mix in pan 50 ml of warm water and 15 grams of gelatin. Then, for five minutes to be heated plate and add the resulting mixture to hair balm.

To ensure your lashes are always constantly are strong and thick, observe basic hygiene rules: try to use high-quality cleanser, indulge their cilia vitamin and oil mask, do not use expired cosmetics.