Lamination Of Eyelashes. How To Provide It?

Feature procedures

Lamination is performed using special devices in five to six stages.

  1. First, the wizard will remove all makeup from the eyes. Since it prevents the absorption of necessary substances. And then you can begin lifting. It implies a degreasing and cleaning of the eyelashes.
  2. The second stage is applied to a professional tool, which has a beneficial effect and allow to soften and smooth the delicate skin of eyelids.
  3. The third step is to fasten the lower eyelid moisturizing gel pad and silicone on the upper eyelid projector. Paste the lashes to the projector, the wizard sets them in the right direction with a slight tilt to the outer corners of the eyes. It is important to avoid tangling natural eyelashes!
  4. The fifth stage of the cilia coloring pigments. Therefore, it is now necessary to select the desired color. Palette color pigments usually consists of four or five colors. That allows you to choose the most resembling each option.
  1. And in the end of the cilia is filled with keratin treatments. It is very important for our eyelashes, so its presence will serve as additional protection and help make the lashes well-groomed and healthy.