Huge turtles broke glass and tried to escape from the zoo

In the Irkutsk private zoo in Russia, were prevented the escape of two turtles twice a day. First, a pair of spur turtles Shrek and Fiona broke the glass of its enclosure (they made it with shells and not cut). One of the owners of the zoo, Vadim Ivushkin, had to sit on the turtle (apparently, on Shrek) to hold it. A few hours later, Shrek and Fiona were able to break down the temporary fence, and then again climbed out of the enclosure. This time they were discovered and “took measures to detain” the local cat Baton.

In the zoo noted that for now Shrek and Fiona out of turn to build a new house. To do this, postpone the construction of the terrarium for the crocodile Kil’ka, which crowds funding collected more than 120 thousand rubles.