How To Wear Snoody?

Note! snoods itself is functional, but if you get a knitted snoods then make a very attractive purchase. Only knitted snoods can be used in a variety of options. In addition, the fashion for knitwear fails.

The scarf can be not only interesting texture. Fashionistas choose Snudy, decorated with beads, fringe, buttons or embroidery. snoods can be two-way: on the one hand – knitted, on the other – fur.

Wear with what?

In fact, snoods can be worn with almost any clothes: dresses, coats, jackets and even a fur coat, looking it is sewed from any material. But it is important to choose a color that is suitable for tsvetotipu.

For snoods style fit leggings and fingerless gloves. Choose this tandem, if you want to emphasize your image.

Do not think that snoods can be worn only with outerwear. This is not true. Very nice look Snudy with dresses, light blouses, sweaters variety. You just have to choose the material and easier. For example, silk, velvet and openwork binding.