How To Wear Snoody?

The scarf- snoods can be worn just like that, without twisting, just throwing around his neck. It is enough to gently straighten. This option is ideal high girls. Neck thus will look longer and slimmer.

You can wear a scarf on the head of snoods, adding zest to your style. This option will gain, if you, for example, did not want to wear a cap and frozen. Such a focus can be turned as a short snoods and long. Short throw with a scarf around his neck and lift the occipital part of the head. Long snoods can be wearing on your head, twist the front and eight free throw of the neck. To make the image more attractive, just a joke to scarf a beautiful brooch. The main point at which you need to follow: the head with too voluminous scarf may seem large. This should be avoided.