How To Keep Tan For A Long Period Of Time?

When you are going to have a rest in a certain beach of a certain sea, then it is obvious that you want to have a nice and amazing tan. However, when you return from the place you visited, the tan is removing day by day, and the skin becomes pale. How to save the gained tan for a long period of time and make people happy with your dusky skin?

To begin with, you should understand where and under what circumstances the tan was got. There two types of tan: south and local one. It is considered that the first one is gained for a short time, whereas the got tan in the country stays much longer. The thing is that our skin is not adapted to the hot south sun. Such moments bring to burns in our skin. Even if you are getting the tan at morning or evening, you still take a risk to get burnt. After a sun burn, the burnt skin starts to recovering.