How To Get Rid Of The New Shoes Discomfort And Rub?

Never wear new shoes for an important meeting

You are going to an important or big event, are not you? Have mercy on your feet and never wear new shoes for such moments. If you test the shoes and it does not make you feel uncomfortable, it does not mean that it will not rub your heel or press the bones of your feet fingers. In order to avoid such surprises, it is better to wear the new shoes daily, but totally an hour per day, but at home only. It will help the shoes get the shape of the foot and will hint in which places some corns may arise. While wearing the new shoes at home, you will be able to find some extra ropes and sticking up leather or textile, which can be attentively and carefully removed. If you find out that your shoes rubbing because of the size (it is simply small), then you should know that it is real only when the difference of the sizes is not more than a half of the size.