How To Decorate Your Balcony?


Ennobling the balcony, do not forget about lighting. Optimally, if you previously provided on the balcony a few damp proof sockets for laptop and lamp, otherwise you’ll have to do an extension.

The booking will be cozy and stylish look on the balcony garlands. Yet another practical option balcony lighting – garden lights with solar batteries, which store energy during the day and at night give off dim, soft light. Of course, no one has repealed the romantic candles, but contact with open flames should be careful to not sudden gust of wind turned the dinner in fire drills.

Flat candle-tablet look beautiful in a bowl with water, to the same dishes bumpers protect them from drafts. If you like the usual candle, better to choose a low and stable, and to put them – in heavy candlesticks, glasses.