How To Choose The Suitable Bathrobe?

Style and length

When choosing a style bathrobe, the determining factor is its length. The long robe is unlikely to be convenient to do household chores daily. This option is best reserved for a relaxing holiday in an easy chair in front of the TV or with a book in hands. But in a massage parlor or a spa treatment, in the bath, the sauna or in the pool the appropriate bathrobe of medium or even short length will be good. Its floors are not to be confused in the legs when walking, while at the same time, it will retain the necessary heat. In addition, it takes up less space in a field bag.

Traditional cut for the bathrobe is a kind of kimono. But the robe with the smell and the belt is not really suitable for active movement and work at home. For this purpose, it is better to choose a rather short coat with buttons or a zipper. However, in the latter case you would have to be especially careful when washing it: metallic accessories can cling loops and spoil the product. Before washing, it is necessary to fasten the zipper.