How to choose sunglusses?


  • Lens surface is scratched;
  • Plastic lens distort objects from this eye tire quickly;
  • Lenses scratch and quickly become useless.

Comfort and Convenience

  1. When choosing the right sunglasses, the load on temple should be directed only to the area behind the ear and above one.
  1. Do not buy sunglasses if they are small and tight. Socket with time warp, but it is unlikely they will be comfortable to wear.
  1. Sunglasses should not fall down when turning or tilting the head.
  1. For maximum comfort and use, it is necessary to pick up sunglasses in specialized stores.

Helpful hints

  • In diseases of the eye or poor vision, better to choose sunglasses according to ophthalmologist’s recommendations.
  • When choosing sunglasses pay attention to the label and the liner, which shows the main characteristics of the lens:

o the amount of UV rays that can pass the lens;

o the ability to remove the glare;

o the degree of adaptation to the bright sunlight.

  • Select better sunglasses with large lenses which will protect not only the eyes from the sun, but also the skin around the eyes;
  • High-quality and well-chosen sunglasses will last more than one year.