How to choose sunglusses?

Choosing the right

When choosing sunglasses, consider the following:

  1. Sunglasses must be selected by face shape.
  2. To narrow faces it suits slim bezel, with a thin rod.
  3. Girls with a square face shape have to choose glasses with a massive rim, to divert attention from the lower part of the face.
  4. Girls with narrow forehead should choose glasses without the top of the rim. Glasses with a rim will visually expand the forehead.
  5. If you have an oval face shape, you can wear sunglasses of any form – narrow, massive, butterfly, rectangular and others.
  6. If the eyebrows are visible, then the upper part of the frame should be repeated eyebrow line.
  7. The color of the frame should be selected based on hair color and skin tone: blondes are fit very rim silver and black; brunettes will look great in sunglasses with a rim of red, brown or golden color; owners of blond hair can emphasize its image of a sun with a rim accessory copper or golden hue.
  8. The lens are desirable to choose brown or gray, they are perfect for daily long socks.
  9. The lens should be evenly colored.
  10. If you wear sunglasses, they should not cause discomfort.

Pretty hipster girl in sunglasses with cup of coffee. Close-up lifestyle outdoor portrait