How To Choose A Suitcase?


The main criterion for the purchase of the suitcase is, of course, the desired capacity. It is usually measured in liters. Large items – of 90 liters – as a rule, are “dolls” that is, in one big fit several small – for each family member. However, such bags are not cheap, but the quality is difficult to guess. Next in the line – from 60 to 80 liters. They are designed for one person, but can accommodate two items if necessary. Judging by the reviews of consumers about what is best to buy a suitcase, this is the most common type of road accessories for travel and leisure. For a brief travel bags suitable for 30-40 liters. Miniature articles 10-15 liters – a children’s series. It is believed that his own suitcase on the road is important for the baby from the point of view of psychology: it teaches responsibility and helps to fully feel the importance of what is happening.