How To Choose A Cardigan?

How to visually correct shape

Selecting cardigan, do not forget about the main features of it is able to perfectly adjust the contours of the figure and its proportions. However, for each type of shape should be chosen not only different models, but various options and wear.

Of course, nothing can change your figure cardinally, but knowing the type, it is possible to visually make it more proportionate.

  1. Hourglass. This type of figure different prominent decollate and hips, as well as clearly marked waistline. Owners of such bodies are very lucky, because they do not need a lot of thinking over the choice of the silhouette.
  1. Triangle. For such a figure characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. In this case, attention should be drawn to the top of the figure in order to hide a rather curvy hips. The ideal option would be lengthened model cardigan, having landed a clear sleeve on the shoulder. If possible, eliminate the short cuts, especially the length of which ends in the extended area of the thigh.