How should you bring up your children?

5. We do not impose the faith to children

“We are Angie belong to different nationalities and religions, and we do not impose the faith to children. For example, I was raised as a Baptist, but I never wanted to pray just as vigorously as my parents, who were are deeply religious people. In the city of Springfield, where I grew up, I was taught to respect those who live by faith.

But to be honest, I was more interested in the pretty girls I have met in the churchyard. It was a big mistake. Because as soon as the pastor noticed my interest, he made me read aloud the prayer in front of the whole community. Just awful. And then I became very humble! ”

6. Vanity is unacceptable in our family

“I became a star before becoming the father of this little group. Now my prerogative is children, even though they take away all the energy. You see the dark circles under the eyes? If my female fans saw what I look like in the morning, they would be disappointed. Fatherhood tames the ego, I said goodbye to the illusion. In the past, leaving the house, I thought: “What are your plans for today?” Now I only think about how much it will take to finish the job. See the difference? ”