Harm And Use Of Chocolate

A little history

Chocolate “was born” on the American continent during the time of the Aztec civilization, which existed for ten centuries before the birth of Christ. In those times it was used as a drink only during sacred rituals. It was believed that the chocolate (or rather “chokoatl” – that according to today’s linguists means “bitter” and “water”) gives a kind of spiritual enlightenment to those who honored his taste. Even then, in stringy bitter chocolate drink added spices and strong-smelling grass, trying to improve its taste.

The onset of the 19th century put the chocolate on a new step of the podium. It took the form of a hard pressed tiles, turned into sweets and various figures, enriched milk, got rid of lumps and taste, has become available for almost any city dweller. Because cocoa beans increased demand began to grow in Asia and Africa.

In 1940 chocolate was officially included in the rations of soldiers of the American army. After the war, delicacy became popular not only in Europe but also in Africa and Asia (visited by soldiers in England and the United States).

Fashion at the figure of 80-90 years made chocolate manufacturers invent his dietary variety and even create a chocolate diet.