Found a cache in a burial place under the Roman villa Torlonia

The famous Villa Torlonia, belonging to a wealthy family, later used by Mussolini as a residence for reception of high-ranking people, is the most famous landmark in Rome. However, no one thought that there is what is depicted in the photographs. The experience of scientists who began to investigate what is under the villa, told them that not all secrets were revealed and it was not for nothing that Mussolini chose this place for his secret meetings. During the Second World War, under the building were found underground burials of Jews, created in the III-IV centuries, which were converted to bunkers. The famous archeologist Daniken Erich von in 2015 began to conduct his study of catacombs. In 2018, a room full of unknown artifacts was found. The discoveries of Daniken amazed not only archaeologists around the world, but also poleufologists… (read more)