Fashion-Mongers Of Our Time

Trend and fashion has conquered the minds of people. Today we are able to see how tendency changes people’s aprroach to life. Some of us dream to have rich style life (and nobody has right to blame them), the others want peaceful and calm state of soul and mine. However, the third “piece” of society are eager to have the latest variants of shoes, trousers, dresses, hats and so on. It means that such an atribute as clothes and accessories are the most desirable for some people.

We can understand it as well. But when we see persons that laugh at themselves and want to draw public’s attention, we begin to ask questions like “What are they doing?” or “Why they behave like that?”.

We have collected the photos that will blow your mind. The people on the pictures are either psychos or hippies. Take a look at the strangest trendies of our time!