Ergonomics Rules Of Interior

Comfortable hall

The design of the entrance area are paid little attention to the unjust. However, when we come home, or invite guests, any disadvantages there may be material and spoil the mood. For example, if your guest will have nowhere to sit down to tie his shoes, he will be forced to either hunker down or, even hood, stand upside down, that you will agree, is very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Also, many people forget about the optimum height of open racks and that the minimum width of the passage in the corridor should be 90 cm, while two people can safely turn around and get dressed, not touching each other with their elbows. And also it is important to remember that opening doors and furniture doors also require free space.

“Open area”

By the way that either opens the door and the door requires a space: the so-called open area, a concept that is important to remember, and in the arrangement of the hallway, and bedroom, and kitchen. For example, if it is a standard cabinet, its opening area is an average of 90 cm But the oven or dishwasher requires more space:. Not less than 110 cm.