East Fairy Tales By Salman Rushdie

Thoughts And Philosophy

Caressing her, Ibn Rushd often praised the beauty of her body, so long that she noticed with indignation: “So, my thoughts you cannot think worthy of praise.” He replied that the mind and body are one, the mind – the shape of the human body, is responsible for all physical manifestations, including for thought. Praise body means praising the intelligence that governs them. As Aristotle argued, and this Ibn Rushd was agreed, then, blasphemously he whispered in her ear, he found it hard to believe that consciousness can survive the body, for the mind belongs to the body and without it is meaningless. From Aristotle to argue she did not want and did not object to it. However, Plato believed otherwise, adding Ibn Rushd. Plato thought, the mind is locked in the body, like a bird, and only when the break out of the cage, soar and be free.