Dress for the 17 mln and 400 guests: 20-year nephew of Umar Dzhabrailov has made the posh wedding in Moscow

Nephew ex-senter, and now scandalous after the shooting in the capital of the oligarch Umar Dzhabrailov, celebrated a luxurious wedding in Moscow. On the web there were video from the celebration, which took place in the restaurant Safisa.

400 guests attended the event. For the newlyweds who are still studying at the university, they prepared a huge snow-white wedding cake, which they rolled out into the hall for romantic music. It was “the second wedding” – first they were married in Grozny, reports “The Fifth Channel”. Then the bride was taken to Moscow in a private plane… (read more)


Картинки по запросу племянник Умара Джабраилова свадьба