Christopher Rokankurt – fake Rockefeller

The woman was charged with cheating and deliberate deception for personal gain by a Vancouver businessman at a prestigious ski resort located in Whistler, a favorite vacation spot of wealthy tourists from Europe and the USA. According to police, Rockancourt fled to Canada after he was arrested in East Hampton, New York, in August 2000. Then he was accused of skillfully misleading dozens of wealthy Americans and luring almost $ 1 million from them. The offender openly advertised himself in the Mass Media under the name of Christopher Rockefeller. In fact, his mother was a prostitute, and his father was an alcoholic — already at the age of 5, Christopher’s parents rented a shelter. When fraud in the United States was disclosed, the crook had to urgently flee to Canada. Employees of the hotel in Whistler told the police that Rokankurt seemed to everyone to be a famous international-class racing driver who, in order to avoid the annoying attention of fans, was forced to live under an assumed name. One of the victims deceived by him stated that the swindler also pretended to be an influential financier. It is known that he was introduced to other people as a boxing champion; he also portrayed a film producer. For some time the impostor was friends with Mickey Rourke.