Chris Pratt and Anna Faris applied for a divorce

At the beginning of August, actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt unexpectedly announced for everyone that they broke up after 10 years of relationships. But only recently the couple filed an official application for a divorce. In juridical documents, Chris and Anna indicated the same reason for their desire to divorce – “irreconcilable differences”. They also agreed that they want to get joint custody of their son – 5-year-old Jack. Such an amicable decision is not accidental, because even in their statement of separation the couple noted that they remain friends: “We sadly announce that we have taken a joint decision to divorce. For a long time we tried very hard to keep the marriage and now are incredibly disappointed. The son has parents who love him very much and for him we want to preserve our separation within the family and make it as personal as possible. We still love each other and will always appreciate the time spent together and also feel mutual respect. ”